Ortho- what?!

Ortho-Bionomy® is a very gentle, holistic, non-invasive way to help release tension and stress in your body and works on a physical, mental and spiritual level. No hold, no position and no movement should cause you any discomfort or pain and it involves no manipulation whatsoever. It is therefore considered a very pleasant and relaxing way to communicate with the body, instead of working on the body. Many men find that the deep relaxation inevitably brings on accompanying deep guttural sounds, whilst women have reported being in heaven! A deep sleep is not, however, entirely desired, as I do work with you and your body, rather than working on you as many other therapies do. Carefully selected positions and gentle touches whilst you remain fully clothed, allow your body to rediscover its own comfort and to find its natural inner balance. It’s as if a conversation has taken place with your body, full of respect for you as an individual.

The Ortho-Bionomy® practitioner gently follows the body’s inner rhythm, taking note of the existing muscle tone, in order to ascertain the natural posture and movement patterns. In this relaxed position, muscles and tendons can unwind and stress and emotional tensions can be released. This leaves a deep feeling of peace and harmony. Old patterns of misuse can be replaced by long-term flexibility and comfort and new patterns of assurance and structural balance can be discovered.

For example, if somebody has a painful stiff neck and their head and neck is bent over to the left side. We do NOT manipulate or try to “click”, push or pull the neck back into position, but instead we respect the natural reaction of the body to try to find its own position of most ease in protecting whatever is hurting in the neck, in this case bending the neck to the left. We follow this pattern that the body has already taken, taking note of muscle tone as described above, and very gently move the body into its own position of maximum ease, and…..maximum relaxation, hence no pain. This position is defined when the muscle and soft tissue under our fingers feels most soft and can often be detected as a slight pulsation under our fingers as the body begins to react. When we have found this position of maximum relaxation, in this case, a bending to the left with maybe a slight rotation at a given point, we give a tiny impulse into this position. This is like a wake-up call to the body. First the body enjoys and relaxes into its position of most ease, supported by the Practitioner, and then in this position of relaxation we give this little “wake-up” impulse. This is enough information for the body to recognise that although it feels good, this position is not quite right, and because the muscle and soft tissue are in their state of maximum relaxation, they can reorganise. And this is exactly what they do! A little like an elastic band. When an elastic band (or muscle) is stretched and under tension, it has nowhere else to go, can have no inherent movement. If one works against this tension in the body, it will hurt!  But….if the elastic band is floppy, it has the possibility to be able to move in all possible directions. If one works with the relaxed muscles (instead of pulling against tensed-up muscles) they will in turn work with you, reorganising themselves into their position of most ease….for this point in time. And it will not hurt. Which is rather nice really!

With children who have not yet developed complex compensation patterns over the years, the release with Ortho-Bionomy takes several seconds to minutes. Unfortunately, with us adults it takes a little longer, mainly because we are having to deal with many compensation patterns built up over several years. However, with acute problems the Ortho-Bionomy can also be extremely effective. I have had several instances in my practice of acute back pain disappearing after a one hour treatment and the client walking upright through the door with a massive smile on their face, saying repeatedly “I can walk!”! This is almost always due, in my experience, to a misaligned pelvic ring. Realign the pelvis in the way described above, and the back will often be able to realign itself. No pain, no manipulation, no high-velocity thrusts.

I also treat horses with the Ortho-Bionomy. The horses who already knew how I worked with the Ortho-Bionomy would not let me treat them with the normal structural osteopathic techniques. I guess it didn’t feel as good! So I stayed with the Ortho-Bionomy.

So where can the Ortho-Bionomy® help? I have had experience in the past of helping people, and horses, with the following symptoms: Back pain and all sorts of joint aches and pains, including problems caused by replacement joints; restricted and painful movements; headaches and migraines; sport injuries, accidents and falls; scars and traumas; correct alignment of the jaw before and after dental or orthodontist treatment; digestive problems; as well as mental issues such as burn-out, psychosomatic pains, stress and nervousness. The Ortho-Bionomy® should not be understood as a scientifically proven medical therapy, but much more as a support for the body to activate its own self-healing mechanism. With acute, long-standing or serious illnesses please consult your doctor before an Ortho-Bionomy® treatment.

Arthur stated that: “It is all about letting go and trusting. When we are on the right path, everything happens with ease and the right doors open at the right time.” If you should feel that this is the right time for you to open a new door, to give your body a treat as a treatment, allowing yourself under gentle guidance to find your own place of ease, then give me a call: 07377 315865.

Dr. Anna Hayes, Ph.D.