Treating trauma gently in a horse

I had a wonderful experience the other day with a horse that I treated for the first time one week previously. His body reactions indicated clearly that he has had a big trauma in his young life. This was confirmed when the owner stated that he won’t let men anywhere near him. He also hates having a headcollar on.

Last week a very nervous horse would only let me work on one side and wouldn’t let me anywhere near his head. Never-the-less after a 45 minute session he was relaxed and looking more chilled than the owner had ever seen him. Today, the horse allowed me to slowly and gently approach and work with his upper neck, head and jaw. After some massive trauma releases in this area and releasing further tensions throughout his body the horse stood relaxed and with a soft eye.

As I was chatting with the owner a male friend of theirs came to join us and in passing stroked the horse on the nose with no adverse reaction. No throwing up of the head, no backing away!

The power of gentle, trusting, holistic bodywork – Ortho-Bionomy!

Release of stress, tension, shock and trauma. Bring the body and mind of your horse back into balance. Ortho-Bionomy for horses – treat your 4-legged partner to a gentle, yet effective bodywork therapy.