BodyHelp – courses and workshops that follow the principles of orthobionomy

BodyHelp courses and workshops allow everybody the opportunity to learn how to treat pain, stress and tension within the body following the principles of orthobionomy. No previous medical or therapeutic knowledge is required. Help relieve acute and chronic pain, ease mental tension and symptoms of stress by working together with the body, causing no pain or discomfort; always working in the free direction, so placing the body in its position of comfort and ease; not following a predefined plan, goal or theoretical biomechanical model; always respecting the perception and reaction of the person you are treating whilst looking after your own well-being. These are the principles of orthobionomy!

The BodyHelp courses and workshops help you learn to treat people as well as horses (Equine BodyHelp) and are run by Dr. Anna Hayes of Ortho-Bionomy UK, a fully qualified Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner, who has many years of teaching experience within the scientific research community as well as the orthobionomy community.

Anna moved to the UK from Germany in 2017, and as the only fully qualified Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner within the UK, has a full and successful practice in Ellesmere, North Shropshire where she holds the BodyHelp workshops. Anna is very passionate about orthobionomy and strongly believes that, like herself, anybody can learn to work with the magic of orthobionomy to help others suffering from pain, tension and stress. She has, however, developed her own approach to teaching this modality and follows the principles of orthobionomy to create a course where each one-day workshop exists as a stand-alone treatment for a major area of the body, e.g. Treating Lower Back Pain & Pelvic Misalignment; Treating Shoulder Pain or Treating Neck Pain. The importance of being able to visualise the anatomy is reflected in the full colour scripts, and videos of the demonstrations are also available after the workshop. The class size is limited to ten which allows for much personal interaction with Anna, who also takes part in the hands-on practice treatments during the workshops. Participants work in pairs and so are treating and being treated. The participants are encouraged to take part in the demonstrations, so that they also learn to feel how a qualified practitioner works, as well as to swop their treatment partners frequently in order that they gain as much experience as possible, working with several different bodies.

A list of all the upcoming BodyHelp workshops are listed below:

11th Jun, 2022 – Lower Back Pain & Pelvic Alignment

6th Aug, 2022   – Back Pain – further techniques

8th Oct, 2022    – Shoulders, Mid- & Upper Back Pain

10th Dec, 2022  – Neck, Arm & Wrist Pain

28th Jan, 2023  – Lower Back Pain & Pelvic Alignment

4th Mar, 2023    – Shoulder Joint, Arms & Hand Pain

29th Apr, 2023  – Shoulders, Mid- & Upper Back Pain

17th Jun, 2023 – Hip, Legs & Foot Pain

19th Aug, 2023 – Neck, Arm & Wrist Pain

14th Oct, 2023  – Emotional Releases I – balancing the body

9th Dec, 2023   – Back Pain – further techniques

All these workshops address structural and biodynamic techniques, including myofascial releases as well as the treatment of relevant Chapman neurolymphatic reflex points. They aim to give you a founded base to help relieve pain, stress and tension in clients, friends and family immediately after the workshop. Further information and registration details for the workshops can be found on the Ortho-Bionomy UK website.

N.B. These courses are not part of the official Ortho-Bionomy training.

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