Costochondritis – pain in the ribs and chest

Costochondritis – most commonly causes pain in the upper ribs on the left-hand side of your body, often underneath the left breast. The cause is often undetermined and the advice given that the pain should go away on its own after a few days or weeks. But what if it doesn’t?

It is important that any chest pain is first checked by a medical doctor!

If costochondritis is then the diagnosis, you may still be in a lot of pain and various forms of pain killers may be recommended. Orthobionomy may be another option!

I recently had a client who had suffered from extreme pain down her breast bone and along the ribs underneath her left breast for two and a half years. All clinical tests had proved negative, but she was highly stressed and anxious, believing that there was something wrong with her heart. She was unable to sleep at night because of the pain and her fear of what it might represent. Her mental health was becoming severely affected.

The old osteopaths stated that structure governs function, and this is a philosophy that I strongly adhere to. In the case above the breast bone was misaligned, twisted, which was causing tension in and between the ribs and also of course in the soft tissues underneath the breast bone, where the heart sits. The heart, effectively being squashed was, quite rightly, creating feelings of stress and anxiety! After the breast bone and its associated anatomical parts was realigned, the lady experienced a gradual improvement of the situation until one week later she had had two pain free nights. She reported that her mood was lighter too.

Recognising the importance of the structure governing the function, and the collaboration of the body with the mind, is an integral part of any orthobionomy treatment.