Gentle bodywork can help with mental health

Suffering from stress or mental health issues? Then as well as maybe looking for somebody to talk to, take a check as to how your body feels.

We “feel” in our body! Our body feels our emotions, it knows what its like to feel sad, to feel happy or to feel stressed. There is a strong physiological response that occurs within the body, as well as in the mind, and this means that you can also help mental health issues from the physical perspective, by treating your body.

Recent scientific research has shown that gentle bodywork treatments can significantly help with stress-related disorders that involve the mind as well as the body.

Additional to massages, there are many gentle approaches to bodywork that exist today, including myofascial release techniques, Bowen therapy, 1-to-1 yoga sessions, cranial osteopathy and of course, orthobionomy. Releasing tension and stress from within the body will also help release any stress and tension built up in the mind.

When dealing with mental health issues, I strongly believe that professional help should not just be limited to dealing with one’s mental state but should also include a treat, or treatment, for the body.