Ortho- what?!

Ortho-Bionomy® is a very gentle, holistic, non-invasive way to help release tension and stress in your body and works on a physical, mental and spiritual level. No hold, no position and no movement should cause you any discomfort or pain and it involves no manipulation whatsoever. It is therefore considered a very pleasant and relaxing … More Ortho- what?!

The story of how Ortho-Bionomy came to the UK

Ortho-Bionomy is taught in many countries worldwide, with hundreds of teachers and thousands of Ortho-Bionomy practitioners. However, there are only a handful, in fact less than one handful of people, that practice the Ortho-Bionomy here in the UK. Arthur Lincoln Pauls, a Canadian, began studying Osteopathy in 1972. He had always sought out Osteopaths due … More The story of how Ortho-Bionomy came to the UK